Play Sudoku

A Sudoku Puzzle is solved by filling the numbers from 1 to 9 into the blank squares. You can jump from field to field with the tab key (shift + tab for a jump backwards). If you write a number in a field any old number will be automatically overwritten.

On the right side are the options and control elements.

Options and Control elements

Sudoku HelpThe Sudoku Help checks if the current number is already entered in the associated row, column or region. Should this be the case, the fields with the same number will blink briefly.
Sudoku TesterThe Sudoku Tester tests every number during input. When a number is correct, it will be marked green, otherwise it will marked red.
RestartRestarts the game (already entered entries will be deleted).
Check PuzzleTests the solution of the Sudoku Puzzle. Should all cells filled correctly then there will be a positive message, otherwise there will be a negative message(where the errors are is not shown).
Show SolutionShows the solution to the Sudoku Puzzle.
Level and new GameLoads a new Sudoku Puzzle (Internet connection required). You can choose between four difficulty ratings. If no difficulty level is chosen, a medium Sudoku will be loaded.

Subscript Digits

By double-clicking on an empty Sudoku cell you can write small subscript digits into this field as a memory aid.

You can "activate" or "deactivate" the subscript digits with a single click.

By double-clicking on a subscript digit the number will written into the cell, and with a double-click on a number it will be removed again.